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RESET Detail

Starting at $329

Hit RESET with our comprehensive interior and exterior luxury detailing. We transform your vehicle, ensuring every surface shines and is fully protected.

Exterior Excellence: Your car’s exterior is meticulously washed and shielded, guaranteeing a lasting sparkle.
Trim Transformation: We revive the plastic trim, bringing back its deep, rich black appearance.
Tyre TLC: Each tyre is dressed to perfection, enhancing its look and longevity.
Interior Revival: Dive into a spotlessly clean interior, safeguarded with UV protection for enduring quality.
Seat Renewal: Our thorough shampoo and extraction process leaves seats impeccably clean and fresh.
Pristine Floors: Beyond vacuuming, we steam clean the floor mats, ensuring every inch of your car’s interior is immaculate.
Window Clarity: Achieve crystal clear views with windows cleaned to perfection inside and out.

Elevate your driving experience with our all-encompassing luxury detail, hitting the 'reset' button for your cherished vehicle.

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Maintenance Detail

Starting at $169

Maintain your vehicle's pristine condition with our tailored upkeep service, designed exclusively for our valued customers who have experienced our full luxury detail. Keep your car looking its best with our comprehensive maintenance package.

Exterior Preservation: Enjoy a thoroughly washed and protected exterior, ensuring your car remains in top condition.
Tyre Maintenance: Keep your tyres looking and performing great with our professional dressing service.
Interior Freshness: Experience a clean, UV-protected interior that continues to look and feel luxurious.
Floor Care: Trust in our meticulous vacuuming of floors and mats to maintain a spotless environment.
Window Transparency: Benefit from crystal-clear windows, cleaned inside and out for optimal visibility.

Extend the life of your luxury detail and ensure your vehicle reflects your standards with our dedicated upkeep service.

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GLOSS BOSS ceramic coatings, crafted in Japan, encase your car’s paint in a protective glass resin layer, delivering up to 3 years of durable defence and superior quality.

✨ Amplifies shine for a stunning gloss.
🌞 Protects against UV rays, keeping colors vibrant.
🐦 Blocks bird droppings and tree sap corrosion.
🛡️ Prevents scratches and swirls, maintaining perfection.
🧼 Repels dirt and grime for easier, rarer cleaning.